Alejandro Reyes

My name is Alejandro Reyes, and I'm majoring in Computer Science. It will my fourth year at Cypress College. Currently, my plan after graduating from a four-year university is go into the Data Science industry. In my down time I like to go rock-climbing, and go on adventures with my family, and friends.

Alfonso Vieyra

My name is Alfonso Vieyra and I am a 3rd year at UCI studying Mathematics. I hope that after graduation, I can jump into industry, be it in Software Engineering or Data Science, where I can apply what knowledge and skills I've gained from experiences such as this fellowship and from academia. Of all the things that I think might be interesting about me, I think one fun fact is that I was an Amatuer Boxing champion in my youth where I had the pleasure of meeting boxers such as Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather and a lot more!

Alison Cher

My name is Alison Cher. I am a fourth year biology major with goals to pursue a graduate degree in bioinformatics/computational biology.

Alyssandrei Francine Parinas

My name is Alyssandrei Parinas. I am a 2nd-year Computer Science major student at Cypress College. I plan to transfer to a 4-year university after getting my Associate's Degree to pursue for a Bachelor's Degree.

Aubree Krager

My name is Aubree Krager. I am majoring in Mathematics with a concentration in applied mathematics. This is my second year at CSUF. After graduation I plan to go into industry and apply math to real world problems. I am also hoping to find a company that will pay for me to keep going to school to get my masters and PHD. A random fact about me is that my favorite candle is Tree Farm from Bath and Body Works.

Ayah Halabi

Hello, my name is Ayah Halabi. I am an Applied mathematics major with an concentration in mathematical modeling. Some plans I am considering is going to grad school for either probability/stats or applied mathematics and try to find a job in the industry. Another plan is to also travel back to the Middle East and teach math there. Something interesting about me and completely random is that I enjoy styling clothes a lot. Fashion has always been a part of me ever since I was a young girl. I also enjoy listening to podcasts in Arabic that tell stories or teaches me new things about myself.

Brandon Huett

Hello, my name is Brandon Huett and I’m a 2nd-year computer science major attending Cypress College. After graduating from Cypress I would like to transfer to a 4-year university and I'm still considering whether or not I want to go to graduate school or go directly into the workforce.

I am a fourth year undergraduate student, currently studying Data Science B.S. at the University of California Irvine. I plan to explore the tech industry and analyze data that contribute to machine learning development in the future. During my spare time, I enjoy listening to jazz with a book opened on my lap.

Brittnie Villasenor

My name is Brittnie Villaseñor. I am a first generation student. I am a transfer student of California State University of Fullerton and I am fulfilling my Bachelor's Degree with a major of Applied Mathematics. After graduation, I plan on continuing my education by joining either a Master's program or PhD program.

Cadee Pinkerton

Chandra Lindy

Hello! My name is Chandra Lindy. I am a Junior in the Computer Science program at CSUF. Currently, I am fascinated by Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, and am in the exploring and data gathering phase of my education. If I find that this spark of interest in said field is truly my passion, then after graduation (Fall 2023) I will want to continue my education and pursue a graduate degree. I have a background in Nursing. There I learned that I value helping others and making a difference. When the time comes, it is important to me that I find the right organization to commit myself to. This is another reason why this field is appealing to me. It is highly relevant in so many different domains. For leisure, I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, and marveling at the grandeur of nature and space, engineering, and high-quality craftsmanship of any kind.

Deborah Rosa Franza

My name is Deborah Rosa Franza and I'm an upcoming senior in data science at UC Irvine. I plan on going directly into industry after graduating and volunteering my technical skills for scientific projects that I find impactful for my community and environment. As a first generation immigrant/college student and former foster youth it can be difficult to feel confident in my technical skills, however because of the SoCal DS Fellowship not only have I built confidence in my abilities but also I feel empowered to continue growing them towards mastery in my spare time.

Emi Cervantes

My name is Emi Cervantes, and I am a third-year undergraduate student at UC Irvine. My major is Mathematics with a concentration in Data Science, and I'm doing a minor in Statistics. I plan on going to graduate school to pursue a Ph.D. right after I finish my bachelor's degree. In my free time, I enjoy making bracelets and playing spikeball. I love trying different ice cream flavors, and my favorite flavor is cucumber.

Emily Murphy

My name is Emily Murphy, and I am a third year probability and statistics major at CSUF. After I graduate, I plan on pursuing a graduate degree in probability and statistics and hope to use data science in an aerospace career. Fun fact: I was originally an English major when I first started college!

Ernesto Collazo

Hello everyone! My name is Ernesto Collazo, and I am majoring in mathematics with a concentration in statistics. This is my 4th year at CSUF and my plan after graduation is to be a statistician for a sports team. I have a dog named Simba and I am on the Fullerton Track and Field team.

Giles Pierre Nunez Carlos

My name is Giles Carlos and I am a Data Science major entering my 5th year at UCI. After graduation I plan on obtaining my Masters in Statistics then pursuing a career in industry. Eventually, I may return to school to get a PhD in Statistics.

Hester Nguyen

James Nguyen

My name is Duc Hoc "James" Nguyen. I am computer science freshman at Cypress College. I plan to transfer to a 4-year institution to get my bachelor next year. Besides coding, I love anime and hiking. My favorite anime are Dr.Stone and Naruto.

James Owens

My name is James Owens, I am a Computer Science major and a second year at CSUF. My plan after graduation is to get an job in a related field to data science.

Julie Truong

Hello, my name is Julie Truong. I am a Cypress College Computer Science major looking to pursue my Bachelors. and I plan to associate myself more with research that can help the general public after I graduate. I would also like to make pretty websites in the future! Some fun facts about me is that my favorite animal is cats and I know how to kickbox!

Katie Saldivar

Lissette Villa

My name is Liz, I am going into my fourth year studying math with a concentration in actuarial science at CSUF. After graduation, I plan to work as an actuary in cybersecurity insurance and pursue a master's degree after I decided on a field of study. I hope to be able to use data science to work in ocean conservancy in the future as well.

Mehrdokht Noranian

Molly Wu

My name is Molly Wu, and I am a senior majoring in biology. After graduation, I would like to pursue a master's degree in biostatistics or something of the sort! An interesting fact about me is that my favorite fruit is mangosteen with mango and peaches as close seconds.

Monte Davityan

My name is Monte Davityan. I am a Computer Science and Mathematics major at CSUF. My plans after graduation are to go to graduate school for a master's degree in either Data Science or Applied Statistics.

Neo Darel Raquinio

My name is Neo Raquinio and I am a fourth-year biology major with a concentration in Molecular Bio and Biotechnology. After graduation, I hope to continue my current research project focusing on manganese oxidizing bacteria. Other than that, I plan to get my Clinical Laboratory Scientist license. One thing interesting is that I love to hike! My favorite trail has to be the Strawberry Peak Trail in the Angeles National Forest.

Nicholas Noel

My name is Nicholas Noel and I am a transfer student from a community college. This is my first year at Cal State Fullerton and my major is in mathematics with a concentration on probability and statistics. After I graduate I plan on entering the work force in some relation to statistics as I find the world through stats so interesting and if I like it enough I may go back to school and try to achieve my masters.

Rasul Ibragimov

I am Rasul Ibragimov, a 3rd year actuarial science major at CSUF. My plans after graduating are to pursue a career as an actuary and travel as much as I can.

Sasha Tafolla

Terrell Lemons

My name is Terrell D Lemons. I'm a Computer Science major, with a minor in Business Technology. I am a student at Cal State University ofFullerton, in my Junior year. I graduate in the year of 2023. After graduation, I plan to continue the path I’m on. I teach computer programming/coding (HTML, CSS, javaScript, React) in the morning and I am the Release Coordinator for Experian. My hobbies are making alterations to my car/audio, spending time mentoring troubled youth, and giving back to the community.

Victoria Mendoza

My name is Victoria Mendoza. I am majoring in mathematics with a concentration in probability and statistics and a minor in computer science at California State University, Fullerton. This is my fifth and final year at Fullerton as I will be graduating in the fall.

Yi Ling Chiu