This collaborative program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation's Harnessing the Data Revolution Data Science Corps, aims to recruit, train, and dispatch a diverse workforce of STEM and Data Science majors who have the proper set of skills to understand scientific questions and practical problems, to investigate and apply appropriate approaches for data analysis, and have the knowledge and skills to communicate their findings to other scientists and practitioners. Our program facilitates data science training via curriculum development, hands-on experiences, and close interactions with both academic and non-academic (industry, government, and non-profit) organizations for STEM students. The program selects a diverse group of talented and motivated students across all the partnering institutions for the fellowship program. In addition to completing their required data science coursework in their home institutions, fellows attend data science seminar series, a summer boot camp, and work on real data science projects. The project also aims to improve data science educational opportunities in home institutions, in Southern California and beyond by disseminating curricula for introductory data science courses and Bayesian statistics courses.

Partnering Campuses